Other Physics of Baseball Sites

The following is a partial list of other physics of baseball sites that I have found useful.

Rod Cross, retired Professor of Physics at University of Sydney.

Dave Kagan, Professor of Physics at Cal State/Chico.

Bart Smith, Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at Utah State. The site is devoted to the aerodynamics of baseball, including pioneering experiments on the seam-shifted wake.

Dan Russell, Professor of Physics at Penn State. Dan is an acoustic physicist, with particular expertise on the vibrational modes of baseball and softball bats.

Patrick Dufour, Professor of Physics at University of Montreal. Patrick is an astrophysicist who also does research in the physics of baseball.

Eric Goff, Professor of Physics at Lynchburg College. Eric does research in various areas of the physics of sports.

Terry Bahill, retired Professor of Systems Engineering at Arizona.

Sports Science Laboratory at Washington State University, directed by Professor Lloyd Smith.

Baseball Research Center at UMass/Lowell, directed by Professor Jim Sherwood.

American Sports Medicine Institute, directed by Dr. Glenn Fleisig.

Paul Robinson, retired high school physics teacher extraordinaire, unapologetic SF Giants fan (and sometimes ball dude at AT&T), and huge advocate of using baseball to teach science.